Starting a commitment for once

February 21, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

I'm gonna commit to writing 1 blog post a day for say... a month. I'll see where I wanna go from there but for now, future Elijah, you gotta do this shit til 3/21/2021.

I have no requirements for what the post needs to contain as some days my brain just cant fire enough neurons to compose something pretty and legible. So I have some nice categories on the sidebar there to let you filter the kinda stuff you wanna see. If I make any progress in my coding endeavors ill be sure to post about the better projects here.

Edit: I'm doing this because I think it may help with my motivation as a quantifiable reminder of how much time I waste on a given day. Idk if it'll work but thats the hope at least. Plus it might give me a creative outlet when my motivation for programming is low but i need to spew my thoughts somewhere.

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