Server maintenance epic

February 22, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Today I set up a bunch of server subdomains and shit because I wanna serve a self hosted kanban. Can't figure out how the shit MariaDB or phpMyAdmin work though... I'll get it eventually, hopefully.

tip: there's this really nice tool called Butterfly that provides a really nice xterm-compliant terminal in the browser that I use for maintaining my server from school/other places. It nicely forwards system keystrokes, especially if you make it into a chrome app. Do note though that to copy and paste you use CTRL SHIFT C/V, which is technically standard but is less common with web based terminals in my experience because of the browser's global keyboard shortcuts. 

I wanna have a kanban because im gonna try and do a bigger long term project with many starting points and shit. We'll see how that goes. Today kinda sucked a lot but its monday so you know.

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