Missed a day again

March 6, 2021 - Reading time: 28 minutes

Been spending this weekend doing none of the things I said I would do. However I'm very much enjoying my break, more than most weekends, so I guess thats good. I am, however, gonna use a different kanban and finally get that shit working. And I'm also gonna use this kanban to keep track of my ideas I have for projects, since i've been having a lot lately and I don't wanna forget. 

In other news; I did well in my classes and I passed. So I guess I can get away with cramming at the end of the trimester (thanks school for teaching good habits). Next trimester might suck a lot, though. I got some shitty teachers I don't particularly want to deal with, in a class that I can't cheese nearly as easily as the last time I had that teacher.