Missed a blog post but its fine

February 24, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Gonna write an extra long one today as punishment. I'd call it fair though as I was going through some shit. Enough about me though, lets hear more about me.

STILL trying to set up that damn kanban, might switch to something stupid like github or trello, we'll see. Having a lot of issues with user permissions and shit, since I run my nginx server off of a different user, same one I run the php-fpm server off of. Seems phpMyAdmin just doesn't wanna be able to write anywhere? And it's really confusing to set up in the first place honestly. Plus now Solo (the first kanban I planned to try) permanently thinks I have a solo database, despite wiping both it and the MariaDB database, and now it won't create a new one to get past the setup process. Gonna try a few other boards first but I might have to scrap this entirely like I said.

Also been dabbling with VRChat and it's SDK. Seems fun to fuck with a node-based programming language, since easy, low-scope languages make doing sick shit with them even more satisfying. Not sure though, I wanna keep my focus on my bigger project for now. Lots of shit has been running through my head lately, too much. Too many things I wanna make with not enough motivation to do them. I should really make a kanban for my life lmao. 

I'm a bit groggy right now so excuse the ramblings but i'll do what I want it's my page. Also my mind is literally all over the place, lots of emotions, lots of plans, lots of useless thoughts, and too, too, too much music. Don't stop the music tonight

Oh yeah, also. I've been trying to get more comfy in a command line environment. Since i'm stuck in PHP hell anyway I might as well set up a chair and grab a beer, so I learned how to use tmux (with my own configuration, fuck prefixes honestly) and I like it a lot. Feels like a desktop with terminal emulators if you squint your eyes and try hard enough. Sadly I can't really try and fully switch to Linux until Proton really kicks off but it does seem like that's gonna happen soon, given the latest kernel patch having specific features in place for DRM and whatnot. Seems the penguin army finally wants to make gaming on linux something we can really get away with these days.

Anyway this is tired elijah signing off, upthrow uair uair jump uair uair fastfall uptilt uptilt uptilt uair uair jump uair uair up-b (i like my juggles ok)