February 25, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Fucked my phone so I had to go a few days without it, which feels off. I like to think I can live fine without it but I feel very unable, in general. Now it's fixed though, I just reflashed the entire thing lol. Tried to find a custom OS I liked but I think I might like the old one better. We'll see how the performance is later when im actually daily driving it. I might switch back to ResurrectionRemix (am using Sakura, and this is a Moto G7 Power).

In other news, hopefully I'll be able to not fuck up high school and pass. Almost all the shit I need to pass is turned in and I have a week ish to go. Future Elijah: get some shit done over the weekend!

Anyway, not much to write about today. Looking cool, Joker.